What is Bergslagernas Järnvägssällskap, Bergslagernas RR society, BJs.

The biggest competitor to Swedish State Railways (SJ) was 100 years ago Bergslagernas Railroad (BJ) from Gothenburg to Falun.

BJ was a private company compared to the government ovned SJ, the biggest stockholder was the city of Gothenburg. BJ was the biggest private company of all kind 1885.

BJ was forced included in SJ 1948, all the track, rolling stock, stations, employees and business were absorbed by SJ.

In the middle of the 60:s SJ started to scrap BJ rolling stock, many of the steamlocomoitves were scrapped in the middle of the 70:s. With this in mind, the society BJs was started, to save some of the steamers from BJ.

BJs has today 9 steamers, 3 of them in running condition. BJs also owns 10 diesellocomotives, 5 electric locomotives and many passenger and freigt cars.

BJs has an own railyard in Gamlestaden – Lärje in Gothenburg, 10 minutes trip by car, tram or commuter train from Gothenburg Central station.

The adress is ”Lärje Bangårdsgata 2”.

Very welcome to visit our facilities, just make a call and make an appointment..  +46 70 787 36 44,  Morrgan